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  • Giovanna Nembrini

ISA BOLETA- Venezuelan Artist

Choose an artist, designer, or project. Think critically about their chosen media. Explain why they do (or do not) use the appropriate media/medium for their work.

Isa Boleta is a young Venezuelan artist, that creates fashion illustrations and Paintings that are inspired by female figures, interior design, nature, magazine photographs and haute couture designers. The main focus of her work is to create an emphasis and attract the viewer to this world of extravagant fashion and transmit feelings and stories through details and strong colors. She incorporates her nationalism and feminism into most of her artworks.

Her medium, paintings and illustrations are showcased mostly through her chosen media, instagram (where she reaches most of her audience). She also has a Wix site where she explains and collects her portfolio of work. I believe Instagram is great for her chosen media, because she attracts viewers–like me– who are attracted to extravagant fashion accounts. It specifically catches viewers not only through the colors but the messages behind them. Empowering women to follow their dreams as she has. Not only has her account reached simple followers like me, but her art has been featured through bigger fashion magazines like Vogue Uk, Marie Claire Latin America, Velvet Magazine, Marc Jacobs Instagram stories, etc.

Her work is featured on her website:


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